It is not easy to visualize the beauty and the magical attraction of cruising, you have to experience it. In order to bring closer what you can expect from your cruising and to assist you in preparing as better as possible, we will try to provide as much information as possible and the following articles will give you some tips about the cruising itself.

We believe your Croatia cruise will be beyond your expectations. The magnificent combination of nature, history and gourmet cuisine will do just right. Together with the kindness and attention of our crew, the cruise will be completed story to remember.
Gulet cruises are known for attentive and personalized service, complemented with extraordinary cuisine.


In order to organize your cruising as better as possible and to include all the necessary details, before your arrival, our staff will discuss with you all the options of the cruising, as well as your preferences regarding meals and drinks.
To help us provide the most pleasant cruising, you will also be sent a questionnaire to fill. This will help the crew to better supply the boat and learn some of your habits in advance.

Some of the issues we will discuss with you are following:

  • itinerary preferences
  • you will be sent the Preference list to fill, so we could supply the boat with right food and drinks
  • half and full board options, as well as drinks and beverages options
  • time of your arrival and departure is important for us, so we can meet you and organize lugagge storage if necessary
  • transfer can be organized in advance for you
  • special requests that you might have
  • celebration of special occasions
  • special meals, diets, kosher
  • you will be asked about activities you would like on your cruise

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Arrival on board

From the moment you step on the boat, our crew will be dedicated only to you, trying to make each moment unforgettable.

The crew will help you accommodate in your cabins, which will be cleaned and prepared for you (the cabins are supplied with clean bed linen, towels and toiletries, as well as cooled).
The captain will hold a small meeting on the deck, where he will introduce his crew members and inform you about the boat, the facilities, the equipment. You will also be asked about your preferences regarding the menu and itinerary (the captain will present you several cruising options and suggest the best according to your wishes).

After the introductory part, the meals and drinks will be served and you may start your cruising.
The check in on the boat starts on Saturdays from 17:00. The reason for this is that, after the previous guests leave the boat at 09:00, the boat must be prepared for the new guests: cleaned, supplied with new bed linen and towels, fresh food, drinks, beverages and the crew has to make standard preparations for the new charter.
In case you plan to arrive earlier than 17:00 to your port, please inform us in advance, so we could help you with the luggage and advise where you can stay until 17:00.

If the guests plan to arrive later in the evening, the gulet will not start cruising that day, but the next one.

Staying in port or anchored

The large part of cruising depends also on you, because the captain will shape the route according to your preferences. You may wish to be in the port each night, but there is also a possibility of staying anchored in a nice bay near the port or in front of the port. In this case, the crew member will take you to the port by tender.
Both options have their charms. The ports are always crowded and there is possibility that you will be moored in a line of several boats. But, the advantage of staying in port is that you can move in the town and return to boat any time you wish and you have only few steps to start exploring cultural, historical and gourmet side of the port. Staying in ports is to be paid, some boats include this cost in price but on most of the boats the port cost is on guest.

If you prefer privacy and calm night, surrounded by the sea and nature, then anchorages are better option. Anchorages are usually free of charge and you can enjoy in stillness and tranquility.

Sometimes, there is no available space in the port and the gulet must be anchored.

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner GOURMET CUISINE

We are aware that the cruising can not be perfect if we don’t provide the top menues with high quality meals. This is why the chef is very significant member of the crew and we always keep that in mind.
Croatian cuisine may not be the most famous in the world and something that you have already tasted at home. But for sure, after you leave the boat, you will still feel and remember the taste of the finest delicacies.
Our chefs are well educated and trained, capable to prepare any meal you prefer, tending to surprise and impress you each day with a new delicacy. When it comes to food quality and freshness, this is where they are the best. Each day, fresh ingredients are bought and the fish is supplied exclusively from local fishermen.

The cuisine you will be enjoying on board includes the influences of Mediterranean cooking and the special touches of each chef.

Breakfaston board

Each morning, the crew serves the breakfast. According to your preferences, you will find on the table everything you usually take for breakfasts or you prefer to have on board. Usually, the crew serves continental breakfast and add some of your suggestions.
After the breakfast, the gulet will start cruising towards the next destination.

Lunch on board

Lunch is the most important meal on the boat. Our guests can choose between half board (breakfast and lunch) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Sometimes, the guests prefer having half board with breakfast and dinner, this is also possible, but please inform us in advance.
The week menu on the gulet is usually combination of fish and meat meals, depending on your preferences of course. Since you will fill the Preference questionnaire, we will already know how the menu will look like and the chef or the captain will also discuss the menu with you during the cruising.
You will be tasting the most delicious menues of Mediterranean cuisine, complemented by fresh sea food varieties, seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The lunch is served in 3 courses: starter, main course and desert. The portions are always plentiful and our chefs strive to impress you with their skills and excellently prepared meals.
After the lunch, our guests prefer to relax on the sun pads or to have a nap at leisure sofa at stern, after which you can move to another bay or have some more swimming or water sports.

Lunch sample (fish and meat menu):

  • starter - tagliatele in tomato souce
  • main course - mixed grill fish (seabass or gilt-head seabram, tuna or whatever we find fresh on fish market) with schrimps
  • desert - pancake or ice cream
  • starter - dalamatian clod plata (goat and cow cheese, traditional smoked ham)
  • main corse - veal medalons in white wine and mushrom sauce
  • desert - sour cherry pie

Dining on boat or in villages / towns

As the evening approaches, the gulet cruises to the next port of call and dinner time is close.
Most of our guests prefer taking half board and having their dinner in some nice restaurant on shore. This way you can explore the local cuisine and try a variety of specialties. Our captain will gladly recommend the good local restaurants.

If you, however, decide to take the full board and have your dinners on the boat, the cruise through the gourmet cuisine continues.

Dinner sample:

  • starter - seafood risoto
  • main corse - grilled fish with vegetables and salad
  • desert - icecream

Drinks and beverages

Each gulet is very well stocked with all kinds drinks and beverages. There are different wines, beers, liqueurs, spirits, as well as juices, tea, coffee etc. The wine list is very extensive and includes red and white wines, mostly Croatian, but, we can supply also Italian or any other wines for you. This reffers also to the other drinks.
It is not allowed to bring your own drinks/beverages on the boat, they have to be taken from the boat bar and paid according to consummation, on the last day of cruising. However, some gulets offer all inclusive packages with Croatian alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. In this option, in case you consume foreign drinks like vodka, whiskey and similar, it is the extra cost.
Those all inclusive packages include wines and beers from the standard boat bar offer, they include quality wines, but, if you would prefer some other wines which are not a part of all inclusive offers, it is also the extra cost.
Here, we advise our guests to ask in advance what wines and other drinks are included in all inclusive packages, to see if it is more convenient to take this or the other option.

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One of the reasons why you chose the cruising in Croatia is possibility to visit so many places in short period of time. Croatia has very rich historical and cultural heritage and there will be lot of sights to visit during your cruising. If you are interested to learn more, we can arrange the professional guide in each port of call, to show you around.
Each evening, the gulets are in different port. In case you stay anchored, one of the crew members will take all the guests to the port by tender.
You will have the opportunity to visit many villages and towns along your route, the cultural and historical sights, restaurants, bars, night clubs...depending on your interests.
You will also experience the slow life on the islands and learn about the local traditions.

Spending day in a bay NATURE

Croatia is one of the rare parts of Mediterranean which can boast with amazing sceneries of nature.
Our coastline is a combination of diversity, from forested areas to heavenly beaches with crystal clean sea.
You will be enchanted by the magnificent nature all the way on your route, spending most of the days in bays swimming, doing water sports, relaxing, sun bathing. Clean sea, beautiful bays, stunning beaches, unspoiled nature with its’ scents...complemented with service of the crew, gourmet cuisine and lot of activities, is just the right vacation.
If you decide to spend the night anchored in the quiet bay, you will be richer for another wonderful experience, connecting with nature. You will enjoy the starry sky with the sounds of nature and sounds of the sea.

Activities, exploring Croatia in all ways

There are a variety of activities you can entertain with, from water ski, canoing, jet skiing, swimming, snorkeling... Not all the gulets have the same water sports activities, therefore, please ask us the equipment list before you book. In case your preferable gulet does not have something you want, we will try do supply it for you or to organize it out of the boat. Beside the water sports activities on the boat, there are plenty of things you can do, such as diving, jeep safari, rafting on the river, hiking, bicycling... One of the favorite to our guests is wine tasting. There are lot of wineyards and wine roads to visit and taste the excellent products.

No matter what your interests could be, it is only important that you inform us about and we will give our best to make it possible. Also, your captain will discuss with you about the activities and will guide you along the itinerary through all the attractions.

Special occasions

Gulets and mini cruisers provide the most amazing setting to organize various meetings or to celebrate any special occasion during your cruise, such as weddings, birthday parties, business meetings, team buildings, romantic evenings, presentations and many more.

In addition, we can combine a setting on shore, for example in a nice restaurant where we can reserve a table in advance...or we can bring live music to the boat to make some more liveliness or to bring some more romance.

Each season, we organize different celebrations and meetings on cruises, therefore, do not hesitate to present your wishes and ideas to us, we will gladly assist so your special occasion can be perfect.


The gulets and mini cruisers are excellently equipped boats, but, despite all efforts to put as much equipment and facilities as possible on the boat, the lack of space limits us in providing all we would love to. In addition, the equipment varies from boat to boat, which also influences on the final boat price.
The facilities such as bed linen, hand and shower towels, kitchen equipment, sun bathing mattresses, snorkel equipment (fins and masks) and all the other items necessary for your comfortable cruise are standard equipment of all the boats.
Beside that, some of the boats provide also beach towels, toiletries (except for the tooth paste and shower/hair gel), hair dryers, canoes, water ski, jet ski.
When it comes to food and drinks, your boat will be supplied with all the stuff we previously discussed with you.


Not all the boats have the same equipment, so please ask for the equipment list, to be sure what there will be on the boat.

Usually, some basic personal items are necessary to be brought, such as shampoo or toothpaste. If you use a medicine, you should have it with you.
Some of the boats don’t have beach towels, therefore, it would be necessary that you bring them too.
In case of bad weather, you must have some warm clothes.
Due to the lack of space in the cabins, it is better to bring more smaller and softer bags, rather than one big.
You don’t need too much cash since in each port there is ATM and exchange office.
However, if you still forget to bring something you need, we are here to supply it for you.


All the gulets try to be as better equipped as possible, but still, there are some limitations due to the lack of space or technical reasons, which we have listed here for your information:

  • Air conditioning can not be on all day long. When the boat is moored in the port, the air condioning can work as much as you wish, but out of the port there are limits due to the generators.
  • Tender is driven only by the crew member and is used for transfer purposes, not for the trips, which can be extra cost.
  • Water from the tanks on the boat is limited, therefore, you should be careful when using water for having shower and turn it off when you are done.
  • Most of the boats have internet connection but on some parts there can be no signal.
  • Average cruising time is 4 hours per day, each extra hour is charged extra.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own food and drink on board.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are meal options on the board, extra meals are charged extra
  • If you take all inclusive drinks option, please be aware that the drinks included in the package are only domestic alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks from standard bar offer. If you would like to complement the list of the drinks, some extra costs may apply; this depends on what type of alcoholic drinks you would prefer to complement. Also, please note that foreign drinks like vodka, whiskey and similar, are not included in this package, it is extra cost, if consumed.
  • Please note that your itinerary will depend on the weather conditions. If the wind does not allow the navigation, please hold on to the captain’s decisions about adjusting the route to the more quite ports and bays. We kindly ask you to understand that the safety of the guests, the crew and the boat is above all the other conditions.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the cabins and salons, only on the decks.


Crew is the most important part of your cruise.
They are well trained professionals, fluent in English and most of them with years of experience on the same boat, therefore, they are very familiar with all the aspects of the cruising: from technical issues to service to the guests.

Each boat has 3-7 crew members, depending on the boat size. In general the crew of the boat consist of captain, chef, steward/sailor and deckhand (on smaller boats captain, chef and deckhand).
Each of them has their own task on board and they act as a coordinated team, in charge for safe and comfortable navigation, tender and water toys, maintainance of engines, generators and pumps, cleanliness of the decks, cabins and salon.
The chefs are in charge for preparing delicious meals and one of the crew members is in charge for serving the meals and drinks.

The captain is the most important crew member, responsible for the crew, the boat and the guests. He is the person to coordinate the whole cruise, with excellent experience in navigation, ports, anchorages, bays, beaches, historical and culturral heritage, onshore activities and everything else which can be of your interest. The captain gives his personal touch to your cruise, making it more personalized and just according to your preferences.

The crew members in general try to be very discrete but always there when you need them. They are professional, kind, attentive and nothing is too much trouble for them. In short time, they will gain your confidence and provide you with the best memories.

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