Croatia gulet cruising agency fleet consists of gulets and mini cruisers, carefully selected among many existing in Croatia.
While selecting the boats for cruising, we also appreciated the suggestions and experiences of our guests, which we consider immensely valuable, and the most important criteria by which we valuated each boat and the service provided, were maintenance and cleanliness of the boat, crew service, high quality meals and the quality of cruising.


Gulets are wooden boats which use the engine power for navigation. They also have the sails, which are occasionally raised to enhance the cruising experience to our guests. The fact that the boat is made of wood does not diminish its value and it does not mean that those boats eventually lose their quality. They are regularly maintained and the owners put lot of effort and invest a lot to keep them on the level and to keep the equipment up to date.

Gulets have 4 to 8 cabins and are suitable for the groups of up to 16 guests for the private cruise.

Our guests are families, groups of friends but also companies for corporate charter and teambuilding.

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Mini cruisers are the boats originally designed and constructed in Croatia, they are made of steel. Cruisers use engine power for navigation but they also have sails, which are occasionally raised for the guests. They have very similar layout as the gulets.

Our cruisers differ in size and we provide mini cruisers of 8 or 9 cabins for the groups of up to 18-21 guests and the mini cruisers of up to 18 cabins for bigger groups of up to 40 guests.
Each boat has 5-7 crew members to be at the guests´ disposal.

Mini cruisers are mostly rented by the companies to improve communication skills of their employees or to reward them, to socialize with business partners or to organize teambuilding. But also, our guests on cruisers are families, groups of friends and people who prefer boat as ideal setting for wedding, anniversariy or celebration of any other important occasion.


Each gulet has 3-4 crew members, depending on the boat size, while mini cruisers have 5-7 crew members, all accommodated in separate en suite cabins.
They are all professionals, very dedicated and attentive, very trained to cope with every situation on board.

Each crew member has his/her duty on board, which they accomplish easily and nothing is an effort.
They will pamper you, prepare delicious meals and suggest excellent wines for each meal, take you to amazing places, suggest the places to visit, create frienly and relaxed atmosphere on the boat and will do anything to make each day to remember.

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Gulets provide very comfortable accommodation for up to 16 guests and the number of cabins vary from 4 to 8. The cabins are all air conditioned and with en suite toilets. Some gulets have separated shower tub in the toilets and on some gulets the shower is to be pulled from the lavatory.

The cabins on the mini cruisers are bellow deck, if boat is big enough, some cabins are also situated on the main deck. All of them are air conditioned and each cabin has en suite toilets with shower tub. Mini cruisers have from 8 to 18 cabins and provide accommodation for the groups of 16 and up to 40 guests.
The cabins and toilets on all the boats are cleaned each day, however, some guests prefer that the crew does not enter the cabins, so please inform them if you prefer that as well.
Each cabin has clean bed linen and towels (towels are changed in the middle of the week.


The central part of the gulet is indoor salon, which is usually used very little, due to the fact that most of the guests enjoy the life on decks. The salon consists of seating/dining area and the boat bar.
The galley is on some gulets behind the bar and on some gulets the galley is completely separated under deck. They are all professionally equipped so our chefs could focus on preparing specialties for you.

While the gulets´ salons have mainly U shaped sofa, the salons of the mini cruisers consists of several seating/dining tables and are more spacious. They also have the boat bar in salon. The galleys on the cruisers are separated and professionally equipped.

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When it comes to the most beautiful and the most appreciated part of the boat, it is definitely the decks.
The gulets mainly have the same layout of the decks. The bow is equipped with the sun bathing mattresses while on the stern deck there is large dining table and leisure sofa, all in shaded areas.

The decks are very spacious on the cruisers, they all have main and upper deck, providing many cozy areas for sun bathing, dining, leisure and having fun.


Activities play important role in cruising life, therefore, our boats have a variety of equipment, such as canoes, tenders, water ski, donuts, tubes, snorkel equipment and some of them also have jet ski.

The equipment varies from boat to boat, so please ask for the details before booking. If your preferable boat does not have the equipment you would wish, please just ask for it and we will make every effort to provide it.

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